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Don’t Fret, America. Latinos Will Be A Game Changer.

The message to the GOP over the past several years has been “adapt or die.”
Their long-standing bastion of dependable voters, white men, have become a shrinking percentage of the American electorate as a whole. It has been clear to many that as minority groups made gains in population and eligible voters, the Republican party would have to try to expand their base.
So what did Republicans do in 2016? They ran Donald Trump, one of, if not the most, blatantly racist and chauvinistic presidential candidates in U.S. history, at least in modern times.
I have long stated that I don’t think this race has been or will end up being as close as it is being portrayed in the media, providing there is no horrible event such as a massive terror attack before election day. I think the key difference-makers will be women and Latinos.
I think the race has been presented as closer than it is for two reasons. One, the media wants to build interest in the race, for ratings. They want it to seem closer than it is to keep eyes and ears on their broadcasts.
And two, because the patriarchal white male power structure that still dominates most major news corporations simply doesn’t take into account the voting power of women and Latinos and the influence they would have on the election. What should have been at the forefront of the conversation for months (that women and Latinos would be mobilized by, in particular, Trump’s despicable offensiveness to those two groups) became an afterthought for far too many pundits and pollsters.
Well, it looks like Latinos in particular have begun answering the call that Donald Trump inadvertently put out to them with his constant racism and immigrant bashing. But it’s not only that. Latino voters don’t just care about immigrants. They, like many other Americans, are repulsed (rightfully so) by Trump’s despicable, embarrassing and buffoonish behavior. They, like many other American voters, see a repulsive pig who has the audacity to think he can take over the reins of the United States of America. And they want to send a message loud and clear, that they are here and are a force to be reckoned with.

The Conservative Blogosphere Is Rife With Bullshit - geralt

So, in a supposed “gotcha” moment, I was provided a link to this video as proof that voter fraud is not largely just a right-wing myth, but a very real threat to our democracy in America. It is a supposed surveillance video that purports to show an incident of ballot-box stuffing during the August 26 Arizona primary election cycle, as described by A.J. LaFaro, who is the chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party.

LaFaro described the person in question as a “thug” with no respect for our laws, and even went so far as to say he feared for his life at one point.

One look at the video, and one has to wonder, what exactly are we supposed to be seeing? How do we know what is really going on there? And how exactly would a voter ID law have prevented the supposed cheating?  Is there anything really going on, or is this just more made-up crap, akin to the story about the supposed eye-socket injury that Darren Wilson allegedly suffered at the hands of Michael Brown, which was quickly debunked?

I Googled the story, and found it only to exist in circles of conservative websites and blogs, including The Blaze and a website called “Young Conservatives.” Now, if this were a legitimate case of voter fraud, something inside me thinks that the story would be bigger than that, wouldn’t it?

Oh, that’s right…The “liberal mainstream media” conspiracy suppresses this stuff.  Even with such obvious smoking guns.

Hopefully my eyes will return to my their correct position after rolling so hard.