Cruz, Jindal And Huckabee Openly Associate With Fanatic Pastor Who Suggests Gays Be Put To Death

While the political discourse of the past few days has been dominated by media scrutiny of questionable or debunked details from GOP front-runner Ben Carson’s inspiring backstory, or the perceived “War On Christmas” being waged by Starbucks and their new plain red coffee cups, three other Republican candidates – Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee, attended and spoke at a religious event in which the organizing pastor openly talked about putting gays to death.

The event, which is known as the “National Religious Liberties Conference,” was created and hosted by pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson, who has spoken out vehemently against homosexuals, including recent statements that parents would be better off letting their kids drown than allowing them to read “homosexual” Harry Potter novels, as well as reiterating that the Bible calls for death as a punishment for homosexuality.

If you think Swanson’s anti-gay rhetoric is being exaggerated or taken out of context, here is a clip of a Young Turks report, which features excerpts of him speaking at the event.  Just watching Swanson speak for a couple of minutes demonstrates exactly what a fucking lunatic he is.  Particularly nuts is his assertion that if his son ever got gay married, he would sit at the entrance to the church and smear cow manure all over himself.  He’s not joking, either:

And this is a clip from Youtube channel “Secular Talk,” which features more of Swanson’s insanity, including the suggestions of death for homosexuals:

Of course, I’m sure Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee will either claim to not have known about Swanson’s extreme views, say that he is taken out of context, or that just because they attended and spoke at the event, doesn’t mean they share his ideas.  Which is probably all bullshit.  Cruz, at the very least, was spoken to by Jake Tapper of CNN about Swanson’s views before the event, so he knew who he was associating himself with.  Swanson’s radio show is widely syndicated, so I’m sure it is well known where he stands on the issue of gays and cow shit.  And there’s no doubt as to how serious and rabid he is about his views.  It should also be noted that the three Republican presidential candidates did not just share the stage with Swanson – they also participated in Q&A sessions with him.

One might take comfort in knowing that these three GOP’ers are not close to the lead in current Republican polls, and Huckabee and Jindal are viewed by many as political footnotes, with extremely low polling numbers.  But it should frighten everyone to know that Cruz, as a Senator from Texas, and Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, are currently involved with government, and that Huckabee was once the Governor of Arkansas.  The fact that anyone seeking the highest office in the United States would not be afraid to openly associate with such a hate-monger is disturbing at the very least, and a sign of just how batshit crazy the GOP has become.


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