Keep Calm, And Drink “Kalm With Kava”

Anyone who is familiar with drinking kava knows about the kava dilemma.  On one hand, kava is one of the few herbal anti-anxiety, anti-stress remedies legally available that actually works.  The catch is that it is really only effective when it is made into a drink and consumed that way, or maybe chewed.  The added catch is that it tastes pretty nasty.  Sure, some users try to get around this by using capsules, but taking it in that manner has never worked for me.  Has something to do with how the active ingredients are absorbed in the body’s mucous membranes.

So, in order to achieve the desired relaxation effects, you’re stuck with having to chug something that can really best be described as tasting like sour dirt.  And first of all, in order to prepare kava for drinking, you have to take the dried root and strain it into water or another liquid, which gets to be messy and time consuming.

Enter “Kalm With Kava,” from Monsoon Beverages, LLC.  It is available as a tropical-flavored kava drink in pre-mixed servings, or as a concentrated kava drink  that you can add to water or whatever liquid you choose.  The ingredients also list California Poppy and L-Theanine.  For this review, I ordered the concentrated product, which is recommended to be mixed with water at a 1:7 ratio (one ounce of the concentrate to 7 ounces of water.)

Kalm With Kava concentrate.
Kalm With Kava concentrate.

I mixed about 1.5 ounces of the bright red/pinkish colored liquid with about 8 ounces of ice water.  Took a swig, and was very pleased to find that this is one kava drink that actually tastes good.  It is a mix of fruity flavors, but you still get that familiar kava taste as you drink it, just so you know what you’re getting.  Somehow, the makers of this product have found fruit flavors that actually complement the kava bite quite well, making it very tolerable and not something that you have to force down.  And after several minutes, I began to feel the mild effects of kava kicking in.  Not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, but then again, you can make the drink as strong as you would like, really.  Kava pros might want their drinks a little stronger than the recommended ratio, but there’s enough in each 10 ounce bottle to make at least a few decently strong kava drinks.

At $20 for 10 ounces, Kalm With Kava is not particularly cheap, but it’s not exorbitantly priced either.  I had to add $10 for shipping as well.  I plan on ordering more, and will probably get a larger quantity to minimize the shipping percentage of my order.  It definitely works as a substitute for alcohol when you want to sip on something to relax, but it will take a few servings to feel substantially “rooted.”  But, perhaps more importantly, it finally offers up a way to pleasurably attain kava’s relaxing effects, without any mess or hassle.  Definitely worth a try.

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    1. Hello. I bought it online. As far as I know, that’s the only place it is available. I bought it directly from their website It might be available on Amazon too, but I’m not sure. Cheers.

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