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Donald Trump – Proof That Money Can’t Buy Class

Donald Trump - NoClass

What more is there to say?



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Lucas Oil Co-Founder Charlotte Lucas Is Tired Of “Minorities Running Our Country”

Charlotte Lucas
Photo credit www.ibj.com

Lucas Oil co-founder Charlotte Lucas recently took to Facebook to rant about those pesky minorities and how they are making everyone do things their way in America these days.

Photo credit – www.thegrio.com

You know, minorities like atheists and Muslims and various other non-majority people, who clearly dictate government policy in the United States.  Might as well throw gays and lesbians in there too, since last time I checked, they were minorities as well.  It’s just not fair, the advantages they get!

Apparently it’s time for the majority in the U.S. to assert its dominance once again.  Never mind the fact that the United States government is supposed to be set up so that individual rights don’t get trampled by majority rule.  According to Mrs. Lucas, it’s time for the oppressed majority to take the power back!

She later apologized (kind of) and said that her comments don’t reflect her personal views, and that she was very upset when she wrote that post.  I don’t know…It’s a pretty thorough and coherent statement that she made.  Sounds pretty convincing of where she is coming from.  As one of those minorities she speaks of, I won’t exactly be rushing out to buy any of her company’s products anytime soon.