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Mitt Romney: “DeflateGate” Would Not Have Happened If I Were President


Two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down with Sean Hannity on Thursday, and weighed in on the “DeflateGate” scandal which has rocked the NFL and resulted in the New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady receiving a four game suspension.  Romney stated that a climate of non-transparency and deception stemming from the Obama administration has directly resulted in an atmosphere where cheating is encouraged and integrity is downplayed.

“When you look at the way the current president has done things,” Romney explained, “it’s no surprise that players would be influenced in a negative way and lose sight of what is honest and true.”  He went on to add “Before President Obama took office, the size and integrity of America’s balls, on the football field and beyond, were not an issue.  If I had been elected president, you can rest assured, this would not have happened.”

The recent controversy joins a long list of events that have been directly attributed to President Obama, including Ted Cruz blaming him for racial tensions and rioting that have gripped the nation in the wake of a string of deadly police shootings, as well as Michele Bachmann holding Obama at fault for the end of the fucking world.

Tom Brady photo credit – Wikimedia Commons, Keith Allison.

Mitt Romney photo insert – Wikimedia Commons – WikiCalMANH7