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When You Fully Realize How Complicit The GOP Is With Trump And His Fascism

Admittedly, I have probably watched way too many movies over the course of my life, especially my earlier years.  Many of them, over and over to the point where I had scenes, shots and lines memorized verbatim.

Whenever I have a moment of realization, the scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis’ character (Butch Coolidge) meets John Travolta (as Vincent Vega) in a bar always comes to mind.  His expression is perfect, and it’s a great panning shot that really emphasizes a sense of realization for the character.

So I always think of this shot when it occurs to me how deeply complicit the Republican party is with Trump, his fascism, and the many possible connections he has with Russia, and all that they may entail.  Whether or not Trump bears any consequences for colluding with Russia depends more on how many people help him, how many do nothing, and how many let him slide, than on whether he actually is guilty of something or not, in my opinion.  There is way too much smoke there, for the situation to be free of wrongdoing.

The most recent example that points to a GOP cover up is the vote on Tuesday of the House Judiciary Committee to keep information on Trump’s possible ties to Russia, as well as potential ethics violations, a secret.  Every chance they get, Republicans continue to place party before country, even when the implications of the Trump presidency involving Russia are massive.

Mitt Romney: “DeflateGate” Would Not Have Happened If I Were President


Two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down with Sean Hannity on Thursday, and weighed in on the “DeflateGate” scandal which has rocked the NFL and resulted in the New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady receiving a four game suspension.  Romney stated that a climate of non-transparency and deception stemming from the Obama administration has directly resulted in an atmosphere where cheating is encouraged and integrity is downplayed.

“When you look at the way the current president has done things,” Romney explained, “it’s no surprise that players would be influenced in a negative way and lose sight of what is honest and true.”  He went on to add “Before President Obama took office, the size and integrity of America’s balls, on the football field and beyond, were not an issue.  If I had been elected president, you can rest assured, this would not have happened.”

The recent controversy joins a long list of events that have been directly attributed to President Obama, including Ted Cruz blaming him for racial tensions and rioting that have gripped the nation in the wake of a string of deadly police shootings, as well as Michele Bachmann holding Obama at fault for the end of the fucking world.

Tom Brady photo credit – Wikimedia Commons, Keith Allison.

Mitt Romney photo insert – Wikimedia Commons – WikiCalMANH7

Patriots’ Tom Brady Used Robotic Arm During AFC Championship Game, NFL Investigation Finds

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady used a cleverly disguised, robotic arm during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, according to findings of an NFL investigation.  A uniquely designed, slightly over sized jersey enabled Brady to hide his regular, biological arm underneath his uniform and tuck it close to his body,  while the metal arm was used for throwing and handing off the football.  It is unclear how game officials did not notice that Brady was not using his actual arm, as each quarterback is typically checked and verified approximately 2 hours before kickoff.

Prototype of the robotic arm used by Brady. Source pixabay.com/dantetg


Detractors claim that the pinpoint accuracy and strength of the arm gave Brady an advantage during the 45-7 rout, however some have stated that the difference is negligible.

At a press conference Thursday, Brady called accusations of cheating “ridiculous” and said that using a robotic arm is actually common practice in the NFL.  He went on to say that using such equipment does not account for the Colts’ lack of effectiveness of offense.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he had no knowledge of the arm being used, but will take up the issue with the team’s equipment manager.

Photo credit – WikiMedia Commons – Keith Allison