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Trump Is A Traitor

Anyone who has been paying attention already knew.  But this week, Trump confirmed it on the world stage, as he stood next to his boss, Vladimir Putin, and slammed his own country’s intelligence agencies, blamed current relations with Russia on the United States, and accepted Putin’s narrative that Russia wasn’t behind the 2016 election hacks.

This piece of shit is a traitor.

Isaac Asimov – There Is A Cult Of Ignorance In The United States…

I think we’re seeing the high point (low point?) of this phenomenon with Trumpism.

The Land Of The Free?

Whenever you hear proud fellow Americans speak of our country, it’s often about how it is the “Land Of The Free” and the emphasis is on all of the freedoms that “we” enjoy. This is all fine and dandy, but something happened today which gave me a little perspective.

Ireland legalized gay marriage today, with a landslide popular vote.  And, while I don’t think an issue such as whether gays should be able to marry is something that should be left to voters, it is nonetheless an impressive victory.  Ireland joins Scotland, England, France, Brazil and 13 other countries where same-sex marriage is now legal.

Yet, in the United States we’re still plagued with obstruction and conflict with regards to this issue. Sure, gay marriage is legal in some states in the U.S., but apparently it is a freedom that some states feel is their right to impede. I thought we were the “Land Of The Free?” How is it that Ireland beats us to the table with this issue?

Oh, that’s right, freedom is only okay if it’s YOUR freedom to live by YOUR beliefs and values. And since gays are not human, if we allow them to marry, then people will want to marry their pets too, and then where will we be, right? That’s one of the arguments that opponents of gay marriage will often espouse.

What if a state wanted to go back to the days of banning interracial marriage? It wouldn’t be their right to do so, would it? Then why is it okay for a state to say that a same-sex couple cannot marry? Why is it that when marriage involves a person’s race, it is against federal law to deny people that right, but when it involves sexual preference, the issue supposedly becomes an issue of states’ rights?

Why? Because it’s just an excuse to allow for discrimination.

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