Greetings and thank you for visiting Resonant Muse, a page devoted to the exploration of consciousness and the sociopolitical issues and events that affect the human condition, from an independent but progressive point of view.  I’m a video engineer by night, working into the wee hours on major film and television projects.  I am passionate about music and film in addition to writing.  I believe in justice and the evolution of humanity, and I believe words and the exchange of ideas are an integral conduit of progress.

Centered on politics, news, philosophy, and anything else that makes my brain work overtime, this is an outlet for the constant juxtaposition of information that resonates with my psyche and inspires me to write.

Oh, and you might find occasional reviews of things that leave an impression with me from time to time, as well as some of my attempts at satire.

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I also like to create ambient soundscapes/ASMR videos (mostly unintentional) for use in relaxation or meditation, or just to enjoy the sounds.  Visit my Youtube page for that content!


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